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Raiding Policies

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Raid Times

Farm Raid Day (Mythic Raid)

Thursday's (Excluding Holidays)

Zone-in:     7:50 PM (EST)

Pull:          8:00 PM (EST)

Cut Off:    9:55 PM (EST)

Prog Raid Day (Mythic Raid)

Friday’s (Excluding Holidays)

Zone-in:     7:50 PM (EST)

Pull:          8:00 PM (EST)

Cut Off:    10:50 PM (EST)


(Optional) Alt Raid (Heroic Sark Skip)

Saturday's (Excluding Holidays)

Zone-in:     7:50 PM (EST)

Pull:          8:00 PM (EST)

Cut Off:    10:50 PM (EST)


General Raid Application (Highly Recommend)

This is more of a survey, for those that would like to join the Guild/ Raid. It helps us keep track of raiders. Especially if you aren't a member of the guild yet. A Raid leader will reach out to you after you fill this out to talk about your spot in our raid.

Raid Application


Core Raider Application

This is for players who are already raiding with us, and is available by request, contact your Raid leader. 


Our Raiding environment is serious but very relaxed. We like to clear content quickly, efficiently, and without having to sweat too much. We manage this by simply expecting every member of the raid to carry their own weight. This usually means each raider performing above average and understanding their role in the raid. Our raids are organized using a “Core Raider” System. This system incentivizes those who perform well by giving them a Core Raider status. Those who are Core Raiders are automatically added to the roster weekly, without having to sign up. Those who aren’t Core Raiders yet will sign up each week for raid with the roster being put out on Thursday between 5PM and 8PM.

Raid Roster and Signups

We have sign-ups for the raids, sign-ups are posted one week before the raid with the roster for the raid being posted on Thursday between 5PM and 8PM. As we progress through the content we’ll move towards our Core Raider system, where players no longer sign up for the raids, but are instead automatically added to the roster, you can learn more about that below. 

Core Raider Policy

Our guild operates on a Core Raider system. The intention is to create a group of players who regularly attend raids, perform well, and are a joy to raid with. Core Raiders are automatically added to the roster each week, with the option to set absent to raids they might be unable to attend. Because different raids may require different compositions, (i.e. 25 vs 10 man raids) Core Raiders apply for each individual raid. That being said, if you're a Core Raider for one raid and there's a spot for you for another you will likely be slotted right in. Generally, raiders are invited to apply for a Core Raider spot, so as to not have to worry about being denied. You can also ask to apply. Applications are evaluated by the Raid Leader for that raid and the Guild Master. Their contact information can be found on the Leadership Page.

Requirements for Core Raiders
Good Performance, generally 75+ parse as a DPS (By bracket)
Knowledgeable about your class and spec
Knowledgeable about the Boss and Trash fights in the raid
Generally pleasant to be around
Agrees to attend raids regularly, and has good attendance


Loot System

Given that Blizzard has removed the ability to Masterloot gear, we will default to the Need > Greed System Blizzard has created. We will assume that you will need items that will benefit your character's Main Spec and greed for items that will not directly benefit your Main Spec. This is what is typically expected of the Need before Greed system.

Our Guild Traditionally ran on an EPGP system, to insure fair and unbiased distribution of loot. We have been and continue to be opposed to Loot Council. If Master Looter is returned as an option, we will have a meeting with The Brain Trust, and consider going back to EPGP. Loot Council will never be a loot system in The Holy Crusade's Raids.


We have a very relaxed group. There’s never been yelling or much fuss during raids. We like to casually gallop through the raids at lightning speed. We don’t have many official rules, generally just don't do things that are going to piss off the rest of the group. We generally keep politics and religion out of the voice comms during raids, as it can be distracting. If you’re looking for guidance, here’s a list of general rules to follow. (Not an exhaustive list)

Follow the Raid Leaders instructions, don’t ‘do your own thing’
Show up for raid at least 10 minutes early (Don't No Show, see below)
Attend the raid until completion, no leaving early
No screaming, arguing, toxicity, raging, or overly drunkenness (We’re here to have a good time)
No ninja looting, griefing, or other ‘bad behaviors’
No background noise, switch to push to talk or toggle mute.
English only

  For Core Raiders, there are a couple other things to consider. We expect that you will have regular attendance. If you set absent often or periodically you could lose your spot. If your performance drops we’ll have a class leader work with you to increase your performance back to standard, if you refuse or are unable to do this it could become a problem. No showing, without setting absent could result in removal of Core Raider status. Lastly, generally try to follow the above rules. We like to have a good time here, and that requires everyone to do their part.

No Show Policy

​Definition: What does it mean to "No Show"?

We zone in 10 minutes before raid, if you're on the roster and not in raid by then, we consider you a no-show.

Exceptions: When does this not apply?

Reasonably, you only get one, maybe two exceptions before we just consider it a no-show.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons it won't be considered a No Show

  • You set absent before the roster was created -OR- you set absent a reasonable time before the raid starts.

  • You message The GM in Discord identifying that you'll be absent 4 hours before the raid -AND- we are able to find a good replacement before the raid start

  • You're going to be there within 15 minutes -AND- you message The Director to let them know, before 7:50

  • Valid Emergencies (Not that your dog's wife has a raid that you have to help with)

Repercussions For No Showing: What will happen if I no-show?

(No shows drop off after 6 weeks unless it becomes a pattern)

1st Offense: Benched for the rest of the week.

2nd Offense:  Benched for a longer period of time based on impact to the raid.

3rd Offense:  Suspended from raiding for a given time, based on impact to the raid.

4th Offense: Banned from raiding. (God help you if you manage to no show 4 times in 6 weeks)

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