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To Dave:

You know, I was recently looking at the traffic to this website, and I stumbled a upon a particular person, who happens to visit this place more than me, an angry man by the name of Dave Mustang. I found that hilarious. Pretty sure you're still in Minecraft jail if you have something pressing to say.


The Holy Crusade is no longer raiding. We do still have a Discord and a Guild in game. There are no scheduled events until further notice. There's a very small possibility we'll come back for Wrath of The Lich King. This site will remain up for the time being as an archival memory of our time in Azeroth. The video below is a good watch, and here's the final message from The Guild Master, Dr. Gaming.

I’d like to start off by saying great job everyone during phase one. Clearing all the content, is in itself an accomplishment of great magnitude. We didn’t just clear the content though, we did so with Epic Speed and Execution parses as a guild on Pagle. It's taken the dedication and reliability of many of you, and we, The Officer team of The Holy Crusade, greatly appreciate that.

It is at this time that I’d like to inform everyone that we will be canceling all Raids for the foreseeable future. The recurring sign ups have been closed, and we do not plan on hosting raids going forward. The Guild isn’t disbanding, the Discord will still stand, and if you would like to stay you are more than welcome. We understand some will be moving on, to seek challenges in the raid tiers ahead. We bid you good luck and fortune in your future endeavors.

If you’re looking for the “Why?” I can tell you that it’s not for a lack of ability or logistics; we’ve proved capable time and time again. It really just comes down to how the playerbase interacts with the game, the game’s general decline after The Lawsuits, and the inevitability of the death of Classic Warcraft.

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